Three-Dimensional Design by Charli Palmer

Our next creative is Manchester-based designer Charli Palmer of Having recently graduated with a BA(Hons) in Three-Dimensional Design, Charli is now continuing with her work, creating brooches, earrings, cuffs and more using various techniques such as origami. Here, we show you some of her recent creations as well as some examples from her photography and artwork. 

“I have always loved being creative, whether it be drawing, painting or making; watching my Dad drawing and taking photos was an inspiration growing up, and I am indebted to him for passing his talent down to me. I discovered this from a fairly early age and carried this through school, completing an art A-level and then doing a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at College. Here, I began to realise my love of working in Three Dimensional mediums, as previously, I had only really explored photography, painting and drawing. I worked a lot in cardboard and paper, and have carried this enthusiasm through to present day. I enjoyed creating interesting and beautiful objects out of a material which was completely accessible to people, and something which has become such a commodity, that we largely disregarded it as a material in its own right. This love of folding and creating was nurtured on my BA(Hons) Three-Dimensional Design, where I worked a lot with Origami and folding techniques. Here I began creating paper jewellery and largely explored Origami Tesselation techniques, which have become almost signature in my work.”

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