Illustration by Gareth Arrowsmith

Today, we showcase the work of artist and illustrator Gareth Arrowsmith. Having graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a degree in Graphic Arts: Illustration, Gareth is now continuing to do what he loves and express his creativity in various freelance jobs and projects. 

“Since graduating I have been involved with many diverse projects from illustrating for magazines, mural projects for Halton Council as well working with young people creating public art for The Canal Boat Project. I hope my career will develop into a multitude of avenues for me to explore different types of projects which I could push my drawing style out of its comfort zone and challenge me as a creative whether it’s a sculpture, textile, packaging design or even a comic book which is my next adventure.

My style of drawing started from the annoyance of trying to copy the way my favoured artist draws, Jamie Hewlett. One day I thought just draw something, without looking for reference from anyone or any thing. That’s how the bare bones of the way I draw started and progressed to what you see today. I have often been told by different people that they can see certain things in my work that subliminally creep in to a piece of work that it looks a little bit like the Gorillaz, like the way I have drawn a hat or a jacket. My work was once described as having honesty and a Beano-like charm about it but doesn’t speak down to the audience – that pretty much sums up my work. Hope you like it!”


Follow Gareth on his blog at, @GarethArra on Twitter and on Flickr.

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