Textile Design by Rebecca Lois Burns

Rebecca Lois Burns has recently graduated with a BA Textiles degree at Manchester School of Art, gaining a 1st in her dissertation. Having had her work exhibited at Graduate Fashion Week, where it was nominated for the David Band Textile Award, Rebecca is now looking to build on her experience and continue with freelance work. 

“As a print designer, I am driven by a desire to create innovative textiles from intricate patterns and detailed handrawn illustrations. My fearlessness of colour experimentation and an inexhaustible source of ideas ensures that my designs are fresh, exciting and unique.

Inspired by cultural diversity and contemporary topics, I aim to use visual imagery to increase awareness of humanitarian issues. An example of this is my ‘instruments of war’ piece.Regrettably Africa is known for it’s child soldiers, a topic which has recently been brought to light by the ‘ make Kony famous 2012’ campaign which aims to bring the worlds attention to Joseph Kony, leader of the rebel Lords Resistance Army in Central Africa, and make him answer to the war crimes and crimes against humanity he has committed. One of which is the abduction of children who are then forced to become soldiers in the rebel army. Compare this to children in the UK who have the right to freedom and a good education but turn it down to play on their latest xbox game or sit on a park bench drinking cans of cider underage, and we can see the extent of how different British and African culture really is.

This body of work began as a response to the culture shock I experienced when travelling to Egypt and led to a realisation of how different Western culture is to Eastern cultures. I began thinking about how culturally diverse England is but how cultures often clash as they are forced to co-exist. I decided that it would be interesting to look at multiculturalism in the UK and what happens when different cultures collide.

I have focussed on British, Polish, African, Indian and Islamic cultures (as these have the most migrants to the UK)and have created comparisons between them through visual imagery.

Through hand drawn sketches and motifs I have tried to create a body of work which demonstrates how the different cultures can work together and, although they sometimes clash, represented in the work by clashing prints, there are aspects of each culture that can work together.



I am currently searching for a job, freelance or in house, in the fashion and textiles industry. In the meantime I have been doing some freelance illustration work for a graphic novel which will be published in November this year. To see more of my work please visit http://www.rebeccaloisburns.com or follow my blog: http://beckyloisburns.tumblr.com

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