Stockport College Designer Katherine Smith

Stockport College’s Katherine Smith is about to start her third and final year of her BA Hons Graphic Design course. With an ever-increasing passion for her work, Katherine is eager to start the year and build on her portfolio before entering the professional world, where she intends to learn and develop her experiences further.

” I was always one of those people who never quite knew what they wanted to do, and so I always chose to study what I found the most interesting from Art & Design to History and even Law. Art & Design was always present in my life, but I had never realised how limited my knowledge of the creative world was until I opted for a foundation art course in visual communication at Stockport college over university. Turns out this was the best choice I ever made as it opened my eyes to what was possible and spurred me on to my current Graphic Design Degree at the college too.

Until this point I had no idea what I wanted to do, other than the fact that I enjoyed learning new things. So when I began this course and realised that Design is a constant learning curve, no matter what level you are at, I knew it was for me. One of my most recent projects provided me with client experience and gave me great insights into organising and planning, not only for the display itself but the promotional event that followed. In collaboration with Kim Young, we created a window display that was ‘brought to life’ by the involvement of the children that visited the store creating various paper animals to live in the space.

When it comes to inspiration I try look at everything and everyone around me and so there isn’t particularly anyone that I could say directly inspires me or my work, however there are still a few names that always stick in my mind through projects such as Alexander Rodchenko, Paula Scher, Jessica Hische and as of late Ben O’Brien.From my studies I have found that the idea is of as much importance as the execution, and as a result is something I strive to keep in mind for my work. I knowI still have a lot to learn and so over this next year I am hoping to push myself to the limit to find what works for me, and where my strengths truly lie within design.”

See more of Katherine’s work on her website at and follow on Twitter @Katherinelsmith , Behance and LinkedIn.

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