Animator and Illustrator Laura Nash-Green

The week of features concludes with Graduate of the Manchester School of Art Laura Nash-Green. Having completed her course in Illustration with Animation, Laura is now finding her feet in the creative world and looking for opportunities to gain more experience and use her creative talent.

“My areas of interest cover both Illustration and Animation. However, it was not until the second year of my university degree that I discovered the art of moving image. My tutor gave me a roll of clear 16mm leader and the rest was history. I have a since developed a great love and understanding for 16mm film. My show moving picture was comprised solely from drawn and painted frames. All of my 16mm gets transferred at the North-West Film Archive, which is a wonderfully fascinating place. In comparison, my ‘off the page’ Illustration work is a relatively new venture.

16mm abstract film from Laura Nash-Green on Vimeo.

Last Summer, I went travelling around America and spent some time in and around Utah, where I visited Navajo and Hopi Tribes. From spending time around the area, I gained an interest in South-Western Art, which included Kachina dolls. Kachina dolls represent figures from Hopi Mythology, which greatly inspired my sculpture work. Symbols compile most of my current work, and although my third year work is mostly black and white, I am greatly interested in the impact that colour has on 16mm film.

My experiences within the industry are not so vast, as I feel I was rather shy with self-promotion throughout university. However, one of my films was shortlisted in the final 20 for my category at The One Minutes Belgian Open 2011. As well as this, I have done a Summer Internship for Lucid Group Ltd, a Product Design company based in Chorlton, Manchester. Where I came up with ideas and drew designs for up-and-coming projects.

My short-term aspirations for the future revolve around making more and more models, finding inspiration from other tribes and ancient symbols from around the world. As well as filling reels and reels of 16mm film and creating more experimental films. Travelling the world for inspiration also features highly on my list. And hopefully to find people that appreciate my work. From my degree show at Quay House in Spinningfields in June, my work has been mentioned in Creative Review Online: Talent Spotters and other various blogs. I hope to to get my work out there as much as possible in the near future.”

See more of Laura’s work on her website at and contact at

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