Fashion & Textile Designer Lois Albinson

Fashion is on the cards for you this afternoon with Manchester’s Lois Albinson. A fashion & textile knitwear designer, Lois has recently graduated from the Manchester School of Art, achieving a 2:1 in BA (Hons) Textiles. Today, she takes us through her various projects, ideas and plans for the future. 

“As a textiles innovator I am driven by a passion for working with delicate surfaces and beautiful textures which I feel is an area that comes naturally to me. The collection of knitted fashion garments and samples I created for my final year were inspired by the theme of ‘Neglect’ which focuses on aspects that have been found within derelict, neglected and abandoned environments. I was keen to explore this area I feel so passionately towards and by reinventing its elements with new challenges I was able to produce a body of work which captures the qualities of elaborate, intricate and stunning surfaces found within unexpected surroundings. 

My knitwear collection explores distorted and fragmented surfaces which I have expressed through the use of texturally innovative yarns with both intricate hand and machine knitted techniques. I am interested in working back into my own constructed knitted fabrics with the use of artistic materials and techniques along with aspects of embroidery. My fascination lies within creating textured, elaborate and unique garments that have been inspired from the stunning qualities found within something that is seemingly unattractive, which I aim to articulate into something beautiful.

I feel my bespoke and innovative knitwear garments and fabric samples are unique and convey texturally eccentric characteristics opposing and pushing the expected connotations of knitting. I like to push boundaries and I am always developing my designs and ideas that I belie are heavily influenced by a combination of Conceptual Fashion, Art, Costume, Haute-Couture, Surface and Texture. The work of Alexander McQueen, Rodarte and Anselm Keifer have played a major role within the influence, design and development of my work.

I am currently preparing for freelance fashion & textile design work specialising in bespoke knitwear and knitted interiors, with the intentions of starting my own label around October this year. I am also currently in the process of applying for design placements with knitwear designers and design companies.”

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