Louise Pallister Contemporary Animal Art

Here we introduce Liverpool-based fine artist Louise Pallister. Concentrating on animal depictions, Louise works with charcoal, acrylic and collage in order to create such inspiring artwork. 

“I studied Fine Art (Sculpture) as part of my degree at Liverpool Institute of Higher Education (now Liverpool Hope University), graduating with a double first in 1987. Since then I’ve worked in museums, galleries and design studios before choosing to return to my personal work in 2010.

I’ve drawn animals since childhood and they’re the only subject that really fascinates me. It took me a long time to find a way to depict animals that wasn’t too illustrative or that felt like pet portraiture. Obviously the work comes about through observation of individuals but I hope the impression is wider than that; showing the animal’s general way of being; its shape, movement and energy.

My work is informed by my studies in sculpture and anatomical drawing. I work in charcoal, acrylic and collage; attempting to construct a form through paper and paint. As well as finding inspiration in watching animals themselves, I often look to the work of sculptors such as Elisabeth Frink, Henry Moore and Nicola Hicks as well as masters such as Leonardo and Stubbs.

I’ve shown my work in London and around the country, and won a couple of awards. My most recent project is a series of drawings of racehorses resulting from an invitation by Haydock Park racecourse. There are 19 mixed media drawings of thoroughbreds currently on display in their Owners and Trainers area until 8th September. In future I’d like to experiment more with materials and incorporate some sculpture and printmaking into my practice. I’ll probably need a bigger studio!”


Follow Louise on her website at www.louisepallister.co.uk, her blog, Facebook and Twitter @LouisePallister.

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