Writer, Filmmaker & Designer Cassie Geraghty

Today’s showcase concentrates on the work of designer Cassie Geraghty from Bury. A recent graduate of Leeds Metropolitan University, Cassie is now entering the industry head-on, with aspirations to become a website designer and developer. 

“I am 21 years old & I am currently back in Bury, where nothing really exciting or inspiring happens but I am at a advantage living in commuting distance to the awe inspiring city of Manchester. I have recently become a graduate of Contemporary Art Practices from Leeds Metropolitan University situated in another amazing creative city, Leeds. There was no clear idea of what students were expected to produce on the course, we were encouraged and supported to do whatever we wanted in whatever direction we wanted to go in. After all how can contemporary art be defined? Students on the course ranged from film-making, design and sound to more hands on approaches of print-making, sculpture and painting. It is a really fun course to be on & I thoroughly enjoyed my three years there.

I describe myself as a writer, filmmaker and designer. I have a huge interest in anything digital, I into all sorts of projects involving a computer from editing a film to editing photographs. Throughout the 3 years I delved into many different types of “art” from designing advertisement campaigns, website designer, film making and writing. I aspire to be a website developer/designer, I am looking to start a website course very soon, I have the basic skills but they need a lot of developing to be a working standard.

My last university project involved a typewriter, a big fan of typography, I sat in silence for hours and hours, days and days to get my mind working and typed my thoughts onto small brown cards. These cards were there carefully put into order and made into a script. In all of my projects there needed to be a concept, a reason why I had created such work. I took away the idea of the thoughts being mine and concentrating on personifying the typewriter, the typewriter speaking it thoughts through the art of film. I wanted to create a abstract film with my typewritten pieces as the audio. I collaborated with some amazing voice over artists to contribute to the audio.

Watching experimental films, with their bright use of colour to attract the audience influenced me to produce films with the abstract use of colour and light. I find it fascinating how light and colour can be used to create an atmosphere and change the mood of a space within seconds. I place a circular object in front of the camera lens to make a circular border to the image. The film consists of various psychedelic sequences I have created and re-recorded, with elements of real life footage such as trees and eyes. This footage has been slotted together, in a complex way. The clips fade in and out of each other, overlap and blur on occasion, our minds are never completely clear replicated in the editing process.

Films of obscurity and the unknown are my speciality. A circular viewpoint, almost like an eye looking through into another world. The other world being my imagination. The inner workings of my mind onto small brown typewritten cards, the thoughts of a typewriter, generating the audio which determines the structure of the films.

This project was a huge success, as show in the degree show. I am currently working on a website & logo design for a client, working as a freelance designer as I develop my skills to eventually bag that dream creative job. I am always interested in collaborations so please feel free to get in touch if your interested.”

Follow Cassie on her Twitter @cassgeraghty1 and Tumblr Portfolio.

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