Photographer Nina Pang

Nina Pang is a photographer still very much on a learning curve, but her passion jumps out at you and we’ve no doubt that her enthusiasm will drive her into a very successful future career in the industry.

“My name is Nina Pang, a photographer based in Manchester, UK. The main genres and themes in which I am focusing on are portraits, weddings & corporate events. Whilst I have always been passionate about photography, it was during my second year of studying graphic design at the University of Salford where I discovered my strength in photography. I began to incorporate my own photography into my graphic design work and created photo books for my final project.

I don’t have any photography-related accreditations, qualifications or other such certificates. Every single day I look at other photographers work, analysing it and trying to work out how they created what they did. I love trying different styles of photography, from fashion to conceptual to wedding. When I started shooting and didn’t think too much of it, I took photos because I loved the process and the way it made me feel.

I am inspired from paintings and other photographs I see. My style of photography has changed a lot after attending Rosie Hardy’s workshop, she helped me learn and develop so much in my career. I have also been able to shadow her and learn from her photographing at weddings, giving me great experience. Rosie has definitely helped me decide to pursue my future in photography, as well as helping me to develop my own style. I believe everyone has a different story and I like to capture those stories through photos, this is why I love doing portraitures and weddings photography. I am looking forward to be doing a conceptual photo-shoot with a band from Liverpool in two weeks. In the next few years, I hope to become a more independent photographer.”

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  1. I saw some of Nina’s work up close in Manchester last night. Very nice 🙂

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