Illustrator Melissa Roberts

Melissa Roberts is still an student of illustration, but looks destined to be fast tracking her work to new heights. I love how professional and creative it all is, she is also notching some huge achievements as a growing illustrator.

Melissa is an Illustration student, currently sharing her time between her home in Manchester and Cornwall, where she is studying in her Third Year at University College Falmouth. She focuses primarily on painting and drawing but she also enjoys: photoshopping, collaging, sketching, screen printing, etching, collographing, monoprinting, constructing, inventing, photographing. Her versatile style can be applied to various areas of design, including; book jackets, editorial, advertising and promotion.

Melissa enjoys the quirky and unusual and tries to bring energy and fresh perspective to every project. She is very passionate and enthusiastic about design, solving problems with an appropriate outcome. In her spare time she designs posters and promotional material for numerous small businesses, bands and individuals, as well as painting portraits for commission and entering design competitions. When not creatively engaged she enjoys rock climbing and traveling.

This year she has achieved being selected as regional finalist of the Lloyds TSB Art of Nurture competition,designing the record artwork for the song Black Flies by Ben Howard. Which is to be exhibited and sold as a part of the Secret 7 organization (a project that combines the exciting aspects of music and art, in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust.) Also Teaching Children’s Book Illustration to classes of Year 10-AS students at the Carmel College Arts Festival 2012, and also lecturing on numerous occasions about how to develop a strong portfolio, how to approach the different key areas of illustration and applying to University.

Follow Melissa Roberts on her Portfolio, Store and @MelissaMRoberts on twitter.

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