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Animation and Illustrator student of the University of Bolton; ScottyBeanZ first studied back at Pendleton college. His first love in design was to become a character designer, you can see his biggest inspiration is people like Tim Burton.

I go under the pseudonym of ScottyBeanZ, it’s kind of been a nickname thats stuck with me for a few years now, and when I started going freelance. I wanted a name that would stick in peoples heads. For as long as I can remember i’ve always loved drawing, i’ve always had a passion for art and animation. Growing up all I ever wanted to do was become a Character Designer, and work for someone like Tim Burton.

I went to Pendleton college where I studied art and design for 2 years and in my 3rd year I chose graphic design where I learnt the basics of Photoshop and Illustrator. Then went and studied Animation and Illustration at Degree level at Bolton University. I quickly developed a distinctive style of Illustration that was unique and attractive to the eye. Tim Burtons a big inspiration in my work, I really like his dark visual perception he has on his characters and i think that it reflects in my work. But most of my inspiration lately comes from the films i watch, I’m a big film geek and i usually start working around midnight and i always work with films on in the background.

I have a few freelance projects that i’m working on at the moment. I’ve just recently submitted an Illustration of Charles Manson for a monthly serial killer magazine. Recently I’ve also Illustrated Charles Manson and Ian Brady, which James Gilks at the Mad Hatter Design Studio loved and has asked me to do further illustrations for his magazine.

My newest project is for award winning film directors Kevin and Matthew McManus who also write short stories. They contacted me after seeing my illustrations on my website and sent me over a copy of their story, which is a dark twisted tale called ” Bobby Bender and The Skeleton Man ” which I thought had an element of Tim Burtons ” Vincent ” to it. I immediately fell in love with the story and I think my style of illustration suites it perfectly. as the characters are still being thrown back and forth, it’s still a work in progress so i thought i would give you a sneak preview.

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