Salford University Design Graduate Joe Evans

Joe Evans is another Salford University Design graduate, his posters are sure to provide a real inspiration aswell as learning about his education and where he gets his inspiration from.

My Love for Design started at Carmel College St helens, As I progressed through my First year i knew that Graphic Design was for me and was excited for the prospects this course could lead too, When I Completed My A levels I Enrolled on to the Graphic Design degree course at Salford University, However I took my first year at Carmel and this was a great benefit to me, as the teachers where a great help in pointing me down the right route as well as opening my eyes to new design theories. As I progressed into the second year I was amazed at the amount of great work I saw from the Students past and present and this really influenced me as a designer seeing the possibilities i could achieve, I chose the Visual communication path which I thought was right for me, The Tutors on the course where great and set briefs that where present Modern and were industry focussed.

As I have progressed through my design education I have found a love for typography, My love began when I first started to look at David Carson way back in my A levels and ever since then I have loved researching and creating type. For my final major Project at Salford I decided to have a go and create my very own working 3D typeface and the results where great.

Find Joe Evans on Tumblr and @JoeEvans_ on twitter.

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