Fashion Designer Naomi Bowes

Naomi Bowes is a manchester based bespoke hand knitted womenswear, who has graduated from the Manchester School of Art and also exhibited at the 2012 graduate fashion week.

“I am a knitwear designer specializing in bespoke hand knitted womenswear, currently based in Manchester. I have recently graduated from Manchester School of Art with a First Class Honours Degree. My collection was chosen to be exhibited down the catwalk at the 2012 Graduate Fashion Week and the RHS Flower Show. Throughout my years of study I was influenced by many designers, I feel it is important to be knowledgeable of the latest trends and fashions. I have always been influenced by Missoni knitwear and I love the level of detail and surface pattern which goes into their knits. This was something I was heavily inspired by in my own work. I wanted push peoples perception of knitwear; It can be sexy and it can be flattering and feminine.

The collection I created for my final year was titled “Organic Structure“. I wanted to combine delicate hand knitting techniques with luxurious yarns to create a sophistocated, contemporary, wearable collection. I like to experiment within knitwear to create something interesting and innovative. In the collection I have created I knitted with Lycra, this provided a feminine structure which contrasted with the silk drape of my designs. I am passionate about the preservation of knitwear as a handcraft and skill, knitted garments should form a narrative throughout their lifespan and become personal towards the wearer. I like to create garments which reflect this ethos, which is why I design knitted garments which are seamless. This means that pattern pieces are knitted together rather than stitched. Knitting in this way enables the garments’ seams to have more strength and will not rip or tear easily. In doing this I am giving my garments a longer lifespan, hoping they do not become part of the “throw-away culture” we are now so used to.

I am going to continue knitting now I have finished university. I am hoping to set up my own knitwear label based here in Manchester. I want to create bespoke hand knitted designs which reflect the ethusiasm I have for the craft. I am an extremely motivated and driven person. Most importantly I have such a passion and I feel unbelieveably lucky to be able to be doing something on a daily basis which I love.”

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