Salford University Graphic Design Graduate Kathryn Clement

Kathryn Clement caught our eye with her heinz saucy cream designs at the Secret Salford Show, back in June. Her projects really stood out from the crowd and we’re sure she has a bright career in the graphic design industry.

“I’m 23 and have just completed 4 years at Salford University. I’m originally from Rossendale, now currently living in Manchester. I have always been interested and passionate about art and design. Even before I knew what graphic design was. In school I always used to doodle in the back of my books, experimenting with type and logos when I should have been listening to the structure of a molecule.

The passion for graphic design grew everyday, then I found myself on the graphic design course at Salford. For the first year at Salford, I was on the foundation course. Whilst on this course I studied a graphic designer called David Carson. I was really inspired by how he works, breaking the rules of graphic design, but making it work. From then I knew I wanted to be like him, I wanted to be different. I always seek to do things that haven’t been done before, and challenge the rules of graphics. Why fit in with a trend when you can set the trend? I take this thought and work it into everything I do whether it is print, web design or motion. I am also inspired by the work of the Bauhaus and Si Scott. Even though I am an all rounder my preferred area is print. More specifically branding and typography. This is reflected in my portfolio and would be my preferred areas to work in, in future. Although, I do love challenges so I wouldn’t be afraid to try something new or develop another area of my skills.”

Follow Kathryn Clement on her Website, BehanceTumblr and @KathrynClement7 on twitter.

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