University of Salford Bachelor of Arts Graphic Design Graduate Liam Woodruff

Liam Woodruff is another University of Salford Bachelor of Arts Graphic Design graduate, with a great skillset. A manchester lad himself he concentrates his work on a more illustrative style, I remember browsing at his work in the Secret Salford Show. (If anyone wants to buy me some of his tees they are welcome to!)

I am a graduate from the University of Salford on the Bachelor of Arts Graphic Design course, I chose this University firstly because of it has a great reputation and secondly, being a Manchester lad myself I never wanted to stray to far from such a creative and wonderful city. I could not some up all of my time here into a single sentence but in terms of my work it has befitted me massively in the way in which I design and making me feel more then able to reach my goals.

With my work I would say it is defiantly more illustrative, but because of studying graphic design it has taught me all the technical skill needed to be a graphic designer with an illustrative twist, some of the things I have learnt I now find incredible that I didn’t know before uni had begun. I enjoy creating characters, working with playful type and just drawing in general, It’s such a relaxing thing to do. In the last few months at uni myself and a few friends made our own little screen printing studio in our flat, we did everything ourselves (with a bit of extremely helpful advise and help from others) from building our own screens to exposing them with a security light rigged up to a plug, right through to printing the final pieces themselves. This hands on D.I.Y approach with my work is what drives me most and is nice to get up and about rather then being at a computer 24-7 towards the deadline.

In the future I would like to keep on illustrating and screen printing as well as experimenting with other media, but would like to tackle some bread and butter design work since you cannot always just do what you want. I plan to get as many placements and experience as possible to continue to grow as a designer and freelance continuously whenever I can get the chance. While looking for experience in my spare time I want to design, print and sell my own t-shirts but this time in a more professional studio. I have a few designs I am working on now in any free time I can find and cannot wait to see them complete.

Follow Liam Woodruff on Behance@L_Woodruff and his tumblr blog.

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