Stockport College Graduate Made by Millie

Made by Millie is the work of recent illustration graduate Millie from Stockport College. It was a pleasure to connect and talk with her at last months ‘Grow 2012’ show for all Stockport College students. I remember her work really stood out for us, with her 3D soft sculptures brightening up any room.

I’m Millie (of Made by Millie), a recent graduate of illustration, studied at Stockport College. Although I’ve just finished an illustration degree, I’d definitely consider myself more of a maker than a drawer. I use felt as my main medium to create 3D soft sculptures, usually of sweets. I have an extreme sweet tooth so my work stems from my love of baking combined with my love for sewing. When I started my degree I had never picked up a needle and thread, but after a toy-making project in first year I haven’t stopped sewing.

During the three years of my degree I have learned different processes and experimented with embroidery before settling with my working practice as it stands. I now plan to continue experimenting with my work and photography while I look for a job. It’s terrifying after graduating being flung into the real world with no idea what you’re about to do, but I hope to stay motivated and on track to finding something that will keep me creative. I worked with Lord Whitney on the Spellbound Forest festival a couple of months ago and it was an excellent experience, they do an amazing job at dressing events and I hope in the future I’ll be able to work with them again for props!

I’ve recently started a lifestyle blog where I will post DIYs, updates about my work and more, and I hope to use this as a tool to get my name heard until I have enough time to set up an independent online shop. I’ve been involved with a few craft fairs recently but they’ve not been very successful because my work is quite niche – I still have to find a way of making it more accessible, which I would like to achieve through working with advertising and prop-making.

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  1. You are really talented – I thought they were actual cakes at first glance!

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