Blackpool and the Fylde College Photographer Joanna Padovani

Joanna Padovani is another recent graduate of Blackpool and the Fylde College, where she studied photography. Joanna’s style focuses on using archival and vernacular photographs.

‘I am a recent graduate of Blackpool and the Fylde and my photographic practice is based around using archival and vernacular photographs. In this project, titled ‘The Diverted Gaze’ I have carefully selected an edit of photographs which all have one thing in common- the subject is aware of the camera, but for one reason or another is not looking or paying attention to it. Each photograph has been manipulated to focus on the subject’s gaze or a certain expression. Cropping into the original photograph closely allows the viewer to focus on the subject’s gaze, and contemplate the reasons for drawing their attention away from the camera.

Within every photograph presented, the viewer is invited to examine the relationship of the subject to the camera. The cropped images have been placed back into their original frames, to allow the viewer to be reminded of the physicality of a photograph, making the image an object in itself. The scale of the final exhibition prints, which are A1 panel prints, is also a factor reminding the viewer of the importance of the photograph, as well as our relationship to photography on the whole. ­
My plans for the future include continuing research into the archive and appropriation of imagery, as well as producing work surrounding these themes.

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