Salford University Graphic Design Graduate Ioanna Haritou

Here we introduce Ioanna Haritou, a graphic design graduate with a difference who has just completed her graphic design degree from Salford university. Ioanna came to the UK from Cyprus back in 2008 which lead her to study first in Manchester before settling in Salford to complete her degree.

‘I always had a passion about art and creativity in general as I grew up in a creative family (my dad is a painter). Anything that grabs my attention I want it to be in my collection, that’s why I am a collector of many things such as; limited edition bottles, empty bottles of perfumes, books, cd’s and clothing tags. I’m inspired by collecting and I always enjoy it. Outside of my design work I like to; workout at the gym, visit local exhibitions and events and to meet and network with new people; to share new ideas and experiences.Lliving in Manchester for four years now my studies have helped me to grow as a person and to learn so much as a designer.’


Moving to the UK to study helped me to become independent, during my time here I have visited lots of the UK and other european countries. This has expanded my life skills and I have taken inspiration from meeting new people and travelling and experiencing new cultures.

My work is focused on illustration, communication and photography, I like to bring humour into my work and you can see this the most in my project ‘graze box.’ This project has often made people laugh and that’s whats rewarding about projects with some fun about them. In my free time I like to work on freelance projects and I also enjoy to paint and develop my illustration skills. After university I’m exploring the idea of doing a masters in either the UK or Italy. I can’t wait also to get a job in the creative industries, I ‘ll never stop dreaming,I can’t wait to achieve a new goal in life, this is what makes me excited!’

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