Conceptual Photographer Anne Hainsworth

Anne Hainsworth describes herself as a conceptual photographer, she uses her studio to ‘create fine art images with meanings.’ She has a passion for both food and farming and says ‘I want to use photography to educate the people of Britain on how Great our produce is.’

This is where her inspiration for the ‘You Are What You Eat’ project has come from, her latest and most current project is ‘Purgatory’ which is inspired upon her feelings on faith. ‘It is also a visual of the positives to the negatives, this is an outlook I try to have everyday, in my photography, and life in general.’

I enjoy using film, however, my skills lie in the digital post-production of imagery. I love to blend objects together to create a whole new way of seeing. With my degree over I want to get into work with children, using my creativity and photography to educate.

Follow Anne Hainsworth on her Website.

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