Stockport College Animation Graduate Tom Mathieson

Today we share with you all the work and words of Tom Mathieson, a recent graduate of Stockport College. We first met Tom at the Stockport College ‘Grow 2012’ degree show, and we knew looking at his work we had to share them on the site. A man with ambitions to make every success in the creative industries, I think I’d have to go with ‘Feel Good Drinks Birds’ project as my favourite.

Showreel 2012 from Tom Mathieson on Vimeo.

I’m a recent graduate of the Stockpot College Design and Visual Arts degree in Moving Image living in greater Manchester. I specialize in 2D animation using hand drawn animation and Flash animation but love all the different techniques really. I’m always excited to try new ways of making things come to life.

I especially love working on the design for animations as it doesn’t matter what type of animation technique you use; stop motion, 2D, 3D etc you’ll always need to think about how the piece of work will look and make everything feel as if they are part of the same world, taking into account what its about, the genre, if its for a client, the target audience and so on. All my pieces of work so far have been stylistically different because of these reasons, and it’s great because that’s what I love to explore!

The inspiration comes from seeing what other artists are doing and picking up on little things which might trigger something in my head and make me go an try something totally different. Because I love working on the design for animation, I love seeing things in the environment that might work well as a shot for a project, like how the light might make an object stand out on the street or seeing a bunch of colours working well together just because the lights hit it in the right way. Things like that are great.
Also because I animate characters, just watching people and seeing how they move naturally helps create realistic moments for my animations.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had 3 placements over the past year at different places in Manchester, they’ve all helped me to improve my ways of working and given me a taster of what its like to work in a studio on live briefs. Its also been a chance to meet lots of talented creatives and build a contact list.

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  1. this all looks great- do you have any exhibitions coming up?

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