Bolton University Illustration Graduate Mori Illustrations

Mori describes herself as a  illustrator with a passion for quirky cartoons, her work really does make you want to pick up those pens again and start sketching. Mori Illustrations is her freelance name which she has taken on since graduating from Bolton University this past summer.

“Recently graduated from Bolton University I spent 3 years exploring the different possibilities of style with my imagery. Having become proficient in Digital Painting and Manipulation I decided to try my hand at something that could more easily span the age ranges. Looking at classic 50’s illustration I soon developed a whole new style for my self, bringing it forward into the modern era and molding it for all audiences, even going as far as to use this style as the basis of a video game currently being developed for tablets and smartphones.

I always create sketchwork and lineart by hand as I feel it gives a greater personality and character to my work which is then coloured and finalised digitally. A few inspirations who led me to where I am now include Jonny Duddle, Rubber House, Aurore Damant, Gris Grimly and Alan Moore.

I use the internet as a tool to help potential clients get a glimpse into my mind, blogs for instance are a great way of getting little sketches and otherwise unseen work noticed which in the end might include the very thing a client was looking for.”

Find more work on the Mori Illustrations Website, Twitter @mori_sketch and Tumblr.

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