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Today we share with you all the work of recent Bolton University graduate photographer; Laura Stubbs. Although she doesn’t hold an online prescience for herself at the moment, her work has its own distinct style and I particularly enjoy her Anti-Fur project.

From an early age I’ve had a keen interest in art and it wasn’t until college that I discovered my love for photography. From then on photography is all I have wanted to do. I have studied it as an A level and I also have a degree in photography.

I’ve always been into the gothic style of life ever since I can remember and this often shows in my work. The fable ‘In Search of Comfort’ by Richard Avedon is very inspiring to me as it is a mix of fashion, represented by the German actress Nadja Auermann and mortality represented by a skeleton. I think Floria Sigismondi is one of my favourite photographers as she captures a dark and surreal world.

I see myself as a creative photographer as I like to think outside the box and create something a bit different. I have taken a variety of images such as portraits, product advertising, landscape, fashion and horror photography. After university I plan to do a number of part-time courses including a make-up course to learn about special effects make-up for my photo shoots. I also want to do a wildlife photography course to broaden my skills in this area of work.

You can contact Laura via her email:

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