Bolton University Illustration Graduate Jamie Briggs

Jamie Briggs is an emerging illustrator from Bolton, where has has recently completed his degree at Bolton University. His work and illustrations focus on a large imagination, sense of humour and a quirky style to each unique piece.

I am an illustrator based in Bolton, United Kingdom. The images people create say a lot about them in this case for me this is true. I have a good imagination, sense of humour and a quirky style. Most of this can be seen in my illustrations. Works I create are mostly images that show things you will rarely see in real life. I work towards making highly detailed pieces for both adult and child audiences adding some humour to each if needed. My style consists of Photo Manipulating images using the tools in Adobe Photoshop then placing them in place to give me a brief idea of what the final piece will look like. Then I will start to digital paint over the photos till the illustration is complete and I am happy with it.

My inspiration comes from watching cartoons from Hanna-Barbera like Tom and JerryScooby doo, and The Flintstones also Norman Rockwell he illustrated some of the best Magazine covers for the Saturday Evening Post. For this reason I would love to do editorial illustrations for magazines. I tend to get ideas out of nowhere from things that I have seen during the day, like when I go out for walks in the country or out to town I always find something that gives me idea to do a new illustration.

Becoming an illustrator wasn’t on my lists of jobs that I wanted to when I left school. I left school in 2007 knowing I enjoyed drawing the traditional method of pencil to paper. Work I did then was mostly fine art to character designs. With this in mind I decided to take a BTEC in Art and Design at Bolton College. In my final year at college I started to become interested in animation which was part of the Art and Design course. This interest followed when I studied Animation and Illustration at Bolton University in 2009.

Early on in my time at Bolton University I found animation wasn’t really for me. I found my true talent in illustration afterwards I started off slow over the first year and a half of the course picking up average marks that I wasn’t really happy with. Halfway through my second year I reinvented myself illustrating with a different style that started to grow and become my style of illustrating. My second and final year at University made me want to become an illustrator, my love for creating illustrations kept on growing during that time and today it’s still growing. I have successfully completed a BA hons in Animation and Illustration.
After university I am hoping to get into working as a freelance illustrator and to enhance my portfolio. In the near future I would love to be creating editorial illustrations for magazines.

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