Graphic Designer Mike Molloy

Mike Molloy studied at the University of Cumbria, but it wasn’t where his love for design was first sparked. He discovered his passion for design and more specifically Graphic Design at St Gabriel’s RC in bury and carried this through to Holy Cross College.

“After completion of my A levels, I enrolled onto the Graphic Design course at the University of Cumbria (formerly Cumbria Institute of the Arts). The course really opened my eyes to the capabilities of design and the skill that needs to be maintained in order to get anywhere in the industry. After 3 years of study, I graduated with my BA (Hons) in 2011. It was then that I found out how tough the design industry is, especially in the current economy. Thankfully, I have so far secured 3 placements at well-established design studios in and around Manchester.

My first placement was at Iris Manchester, which taught me a lot about the ins and outs of design on an international scale.
My second placement was at Propellor, Macclesfield; a small design consultancy that helped me understand the importance of having a good relationship with your clients and making them feel a part of the design process.

My current placement is at This Creative, Manchester; a recently established design studio who work on both local and national projects, and who have just made fairly sizable ties to the US. When not on placement, I work as a Reprographics Technician at my old high school, St. Gabriel’s. I also design their newsletters and should soon be starting work on their new prospectuses.

Recently I won a competition by to design a business card for the Greek God Zeus. After having no luck for a while on the job and placement front, this was a huge boost to my ‘design ego’, the same effect that Business Boom’s contact has given me. A huge thanks to the BB team.”

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