Laura Apsit Millinery Fashion Collaboration with The Editeur

The Editeur is an independent designer womenswear and lingerie boutique based in Chester. We were excited to discover that not only are they emerging as a very successful business, but they are also working to support inspirational young fashion talent. Laura Apsit is one such case who is a local Milliner collaborating with The Editeur. Here, Laura talks to us more about her experiences, graduate life and her designs.

“No-one ever tells you how hard life is going to be after graduation. I was working full-time and still struggling to pay my rent at the end of the month. I was reluctant but desperate to move home back to Chester to temporarily live back with my parents, I decided to do some retail work to save some money and take myself to India, to do some fabric sourcing and a bit of soul-searching on the way! After rushing back home I realized that I had to either go back to the vicious circle of a full-time job or go for it a try and start my business!”

“After my food poisoning from India wore off I made some calls to some local magazine and some local businesses to start to get some ideas of moving forward, one of them being the Éditeur. I spoke to Annabelle and she was so enthusiastic and was by some amazing stroke of chance having a fashion show with 1539 at Chester Racecourse two days later! I got a great response and it’s snowballed from there! The Éditeur have been really supportive to try and launch my products but the most valuable thing to me is that they have come somewhere to work, without my mum going mental about having glue on the table! I have a creative space and love hearing about their business growing and helping each other with ideas about how to do so.”

The Editeur is very interested in supporting more upcoming designers and they hope to provide more opportunities with other fashion designers in the future.

Follow Laura’s work on her websiteFacebook, Twitter @lauralivens and her collections online.

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  1. Stunning hats! 🙂

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