Art and Graphic Design by Laura McNab

Today we learn more about University of Bolton graduate and full-time artist and designer Laura McNab. Having thoroughly enjoyed her degree course, Laura is now applying her trade full-time at Children’s book publishers Make Believe Ideas. Here’s more from Laura herself on her experiences as well as a snippet of her impressive portfolio. 

“Art was always something I had an interest in but it took a long time to develop the necessary skills to get though school and then on to university. It was while reading through university prospectuses that my mind was opened up to all the possibilities that art could offer anyone with an interest in it.

I’m always on the look for interesting design, it can come from anywhere – photos, books, the internet or magazines. I’m always scanning things onto a computer to have a look at again later for inspiration – such things are always helpful to help think about a project in a different way. Bolton has a lot to offer aspiring artists, the University has a wonderful degree show that will always help to inspire as well as inform about up-coming events that would be useful. There is also Neo Artists who have regular events and exhibitions to display artwork as well as create a space for artists to work.

Just in reading about a graphic design course, my attention was instantly caught and I knew it was something I had to look into. Once I created my first piece of design (as basic as it was), I knew I wanted to keep trying, keep attempting new styles and learn new ways of thinking. I took a strong interest in print design – brochures and logos were a particular favourite for quite some time, and it was where I felt most comfortable – but once I started my degree at the University of Bolton I was forced to look at design in a manner I wouldnt have been comfortable with without my course leader, Carol Allison. She forced me to think about an idea differently and introducing me to mixed media. It was she who helped open up more doors for me in design, such as exhibiting at New Blood as well as future career choices, and for that I will be forever thankful.

In June 2011 I was hired by Make Believe Ideas a publisher of innovative books for children and babies. During my time here I have been taught many things – each book that I have worked on has allowed me to grow as a designer as well as working with many other talented and inspirational designers. Seeing something published that I have designed is a wonderful feeling and I will always remember it, such as My Remarkably Sparkly Bag and My Gorgeously Glittery Bag. Being here has inspired me to be creative more in my own time, and will hopefully lead to more exciting opportunities in future and I can only hope this will continue as my career progresses.”

Follow Laura on her website at, LinkedIn and Twitter @laura_mcnab.

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