‘Capturing the moment’ – Photography by Gabriella Davies

We have a photography showcase for you today with University of Bolton student Gabriella Davies. Having just finished her first year, Gabriella is progressing nicely in the photography world with more concentration and enjoyment for conceptual work. Gabriella told Business Boom how she likes to ‘capture the moment’ and produce images that are inappreciable to the naked eye. 

“I am trying out all new types of photography styles. I would love to do commissioned work or some sort of work where I can use my talent and show people. I love putting my own twist on my work, so that when you see it you can immediately think of whose it is!

The ink drop photographs that you see below were for a still life project. My thoughts behind this project when I started it was that I wanted to be the one to capture what the eye couldn’t see. I wanted to be the one to make things visible for other people. Many of the drops you can see in the images you would not be able to see with the naked eye.

Theseportraits are of my best friend; I wanted to be able to capture the natural use of light within these images.

I love just taking pictures of objects I like. If I see something that will look good in a picture, then I will find a way to take the right picture and make it look my own.”

You can see more of Gabriella’s work on FlickR at http://www.flickr.com/photos/gabrielladavies/.

2 Responses to “‘Capturing the moment’ – Photography by Gabriella Davies”
  1. Lovely range of photographic work. Really like the deckchair photo, simple concept but visually effective.

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