Artist and Illustrator Joanna Scott!

Hope you all enjoyed your Jubilee holiday folks! To kick off this week’s features, we have an established creative in the form of Joanna Scott. Joanna has worked as an artist and illustrator for over twenty years with work published under licence for gift ware clients internationally.

She has an ongoing interest in illustrating animals, finding them a constant source of inspiration in her work. In addition her interest in mythology and the arcane have recently lead her to design a series of zodiac collectors coins for an overseas client, which will be minted later this year.

Joanna also creates custom lanterns for site specific installation, festivals and celebrations. She directs and collaborates on these interactive live projects with film and sound practitioners to enable an immersive experience for the participant and viewer. She has more recently moved into the fairytale world of children’s publishing with illustrations underway for a compilation storybook out next year.

Follow Joanna on her Website, Store, Facebook & on Society6.

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