University of Salford Design Student Carrie Haworth

Here we shine the light on emerging designer and animator Carrie Haworth. Going into her second year at the University of Salford, at just 20 years old Carrie is showing the determination and skill that can lead to a bright future in the design industry. Today, Carrie explains more about her experiences and where she finds inspiration for her work. 

“I’ve just finished my first year studying Design for Digital Media and I can’t wait to go back in September! I’ve always enjoyed studying media but have never realised I could enjoy it so much until I started university. I’ve discovered new skills and learnt a lot already. My influences change all the time, but I do have a few designers that I always go back to. Such as, Soulist Aurora and Olly Moss. When I’m looking for inspiration I tend to spend hours scrolling through design blogs such as Design You Trust, the many I follow on Tumblr and also Designspiration. I also find Pinterest great for searching through the ‘design’ tags!

I’m not completely sure on what strand of the creative world I’d like to go into just yet, I feel as though I’m finally finding my ‘style’ at the moment. A lot of my work involves digital illustrations, which I love making, and which I have used for posters, app designs and animations.

My plan is to work with a creative agency in Manchester after university, it’d be great to get a placement with a company next year and carry on my working relationship with them into full employment, whether this could happen or not, I do not know, but I can hope!”

Follow Carrie on Tumblr and Twitter @carrielouise.

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