A Look Inside the World of Jade’s Cupcakes

Jade left her university course during her 2nd year and she was looking for a new direction in which to take her future career; after beginning to sell cupcakes in November of last year she has yet to look back! Having a creative edge, (having previously studied textiles) this knowledge is something Jade has taken forward into her business. Here, we learn a little more about the world of Jade’s Cupcakes.

Jade first began the business by researching new techniques in how to use various equipment, this has only improved over time and with lots of practice. Her business has improved and grown off the back of her Facebook page and this has slowly built the business with small orders from family and friends.

Jade’s work has even kept up her spirits and whilst her work on her business isn’t full time yet, we are sure it isn’t long before she will be. I ‘still put my textile skills to use and have become inspired by cupcakes to make framed cupcake embroidery pieces!’

You can see Jade’s work on Etsy and follow Jade’s Cupcake work on Facebook.

2 Responses to “A Look Inside the World of Jade’s Cupcakes”
  1. Meli Mel says:

    These are some beautiful cupcakes…i know they were made to be eaten but I just want to stare at them 🙂

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