Social Networking Tips to Consider When Promoting your next Local Event

Working online like we do here everyday, we come across so many businesses and individuals either having no clue on how to share their business or event. People often simply push things down the wrong avenue and hinder their chances of making their next event a success by putting people off through their promotion skills online.

Here are just a few tips and pointers to remind yourselves when you are next promoting your vintage fair, art exhibition, design show or creative meetup.

  1. Don’t repost the same tweet: Reposting the same tweet within a few minutes on the same twitter account is criminal. People are going to ignore the tweet and may even turn to unfollowing you. Spread out your tweets throughout the day, and make sure they are varied in the way you’re sharing the message. You will reach a different crowd of people online at 9am compared to 6pm in the evening, don’t forget this.
  2. Use a variety of tweets and users to help promote the event: Don’t rely on one account being your promotional machine. Ask and engage with other people on twitter who are involved in the event and get them to help spread the word also. This may mean you have to tweet about some of their activities, in a more tit for tat approach.
  3. Don’t forget the use of a hashtag: At the beginning of any planning, think up a simple hashtag for your event. For example, #cafeboom is much shorter compared to #businessboomboltoncafe. Users want things to be as simple as possible to remember and don’t forget we are still working with only 140 characters in a tweet.
  4. Post images and previews of the event: Twitter is a great tool and you’re not limited to only sharing text updates of an event. Although you should be keeping people updated on your lineup, dates, times, pricing, etc. you should also take advantage in adding images of the event, previews of setup on the days leading up, flyers, people involved. You can also share any videos, trailers for an event.
  5. Don’t rely on just twitter: Your social networking strategy should extend beyond the four walls of Twitter. There is a bounty of sites which could fit in to help promote your event to a wider audience. Pintrest and Tumblr are both predominantly for sharing images but could definitely play a role if you were auctioning off items for example. Maybe if it was a photography/art exhibition you could preview images to followers on Tumblr and Pintrest. Although many people are more and more anti-Facebook, you can’t deny the reach it still has to the millions of users. Think of the thousands of people who are logged in every second. Creating a facebook event/page or group can really help people spread the event through word of mouth to both friends and family who may not have heard of the event otherwise.

Written by Jared Thompson of Online Design Blog Design Juices.

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