Stunning Examples of Graphic Art and Design by Stee Bowden

This afternoon’s feature promotes the stunning work of graphic artist and designer Stee Bowden. Currently working freelance under the identity of Monolith Art, Stee is based in Accrington, Lancashire and describes that his “hobby, passion and career lies in art and design.” Monolith Art covers graphic design from commercial to personal as well as the occasional painting, sketching, illustration, sculpting, filmmaking and musical endeavours and it’s a pleasure to showcase some brilliant examples for you here today.

“Art and design are the main priorities in my day-to-day life.  I have been able to learn and hone my digital skills over the years through good career choices and bad. I initially started out as traditional paints and illustrative artist, but once I transferred those skills to digital I found my canvas; I still like to go back and visit every now and then but the Mac and the Adobe CS range was definitely mightier than the pen for me. Maybe one day I will buy that tablet I keep promising myself.

Last year I bought myself an Ambulance and converted it into a camper van / mobile office studio. I literally can not wait for the decent weather as it enables me to decide on working from home that day or by a beach or with a lake as my view – a great perk to freelancing!

The range I cover changes daily from business cards and logos to office wallpapers, large-scale murals as well as commissions for photo manipulations and specific personal collages. For instance I just completed one for a client in Rotterdam who wanted his family interspersed with images from their lives and also the four seasons included. The result was a  5ft  image that should fill his entire wall and keep him entertained for many a year as he finds new personal objects and images hidden within it.

I’m currently liaising with a fashion photographer in Australia who’s asked me to totally go to work on his images to see what we can come up with for a magazine photo story, so quite looking forward to getting my teeth into that.

Lately, most of own personal work has gone full circle back to my days as a collage artist, but instead of scissors and magazines, I’m using illustrator and photoshop CS5 with a mouse; there’s a definite psychedelic surrealism streak happening at the moment. The next step for these images is to learn & utilise After Effects and bring the images to life and give them a whole new dimension.

Looking through the various creatives on the Business Boom Bolton site, I do get a sense of excitement at some of the younger graduate crowd and the work they are producing. They’re always changing and progressing which is a great thing, it keeps you inspired and also very much on your toes as well. Its been a pleasure to read some great features of the fresh young talent and see the work that’s being created – talent and innovation continues to surprise me. I hope that never stops in the design world… unfortunately, it seems to have done in the music world.

In fact, that’s probably the only thing that makes me sad and uninspired these days…. RIP Music, it was great while it lasted, at least we have a tremendous back catalogue.”

You can find me at my website, or via twitter @monolithart, always a pleasure to meet new faces 🙂

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