Decorative, Landscape and Architectural Photography by Katherine Fish

We have a local creative for you this morning who specialises in a number of  photographic techniques. Katherine Fish graduated from the University of Bolton with a Photography and English BA Hons degree and is now carrying out her passion on a freelance basis.

“I first developed an interest in photography at college where I studied the subject at A-Level. My college was lucky enough to have a darkroom, so I was introduced to film and silverprints before studying a Foundation Art Degree before moving on to university.

My photography is mostly decorative or fine art, architecture or landscape based, but I also work within commercial still life. I use both digital and film and have a passion for the darkroom. I process my own film and develop my own darkroom prints, including some alternative processess. Although digital seems to have dominated the market because of its convenience, darkroom prints have a unique quality and an emotional, timeless aesthetic. I feel strongly about digital manipulation and do very little changes to my images.

Katherine Fish Decorative Food Photography

I am largely influenced by architectural film photographers Lucien Herve, Lee Friedlander and Berenice Abbott as well as commercial photographers Sandra Lane and Polly Wreford. I live in the Greater Manchester area and am currently looking for full-time employment. I have had a small exhibition at Touchstones Rochdale, which comprised of six 6×6 silver gelatin prints conveying the abstract art of architecture.”

Silverprint Architecture

Silverprint Architecture

Silverprint Architecture

Salford Architecture

Solitary Tree

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