Industrial and Automotive Designer Chris Shaw!

This morning we’re delighted to showcase the work of final-year student Christopher Shaw. Currently working on his MDes at Coventry University, Chris specialises in Industrial and Automotive Design – something we rarely get to feature here on Business Boom. Here’s more from Chris himself and the experiences he has encountered:

“Throughout my life I have always been involved with illustration and creation, it’s something that’s very natural to me. I have never professed to wanting to be a car designer from birth as some people feel the need to mention, but I do have a very deep interest in automobiles and have been very fortunate to have a father who works hard enough to have the best cars he can afford. I originally trained to be a painter and fine artist, until I discovered product design during my time at Chesterfield College. The notion of pursuing automotive design came after a discussion with my college design tutor who recommended that I study at Coventry.

Whilst at Coventry I have worked incredibly hard to hone my skills and abilities, earning a scholarship every year at university for my efforts. During my third year on the course I won an internship competition between approximately 50 classmates for a single design internship at Aston Martin design in Gaydon, Warwickshire. At Aston Martin I saw many phenomenal things and learned a tremendous amount and was probably the single most important thing I have achieved so far during my education. I am currently seeking employment within the automotive industry as a designer.

This car employs recycled materials, salvaged for their desirable unique character and history imbued in them from their previous use – much like when a patchwork quilt is created, from old interesting recycled materials and pattern. So for instance, the body work of the car is in fact made and constructed from recycled aircraft aluminium, boosting its desirable character, USP, and promoting an element of sustainability.

The work will be made public at the Coventry University Automotive Design Degree Show, Maurice Foss Building from the 4th of June 2012. Admission is free and all are welcome.

These sketches look at the idea of potentially promoting sustainability and longevity through an understanding of contemporary craft and form – the idea that you buy something and become attached to it through its employment of character materials and manufacturing processes; something you own for the rest of your life and perhaps pass down through the generations promoting this element of sustainability. The vehicle also features limited off-road capabilities to promote its versatility.”

Check out more of Chris’ work on Coroflot and get in touch via Linkedin.

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