Illustrator and Designer Luke Moody of Mooke Creative

Illustration and graphic design is on the cards for you this morning with our next showcase involving the recently graduated Luke Moody of Mooke Creative. On browsing through Luke’s work, it’s evident that he is not afraid of pushing the boundaries and trying out different techniques; he’s certainly one to watch. Enjoy!

“Hi, my name is Luke Moody. I am a 23-year-old illustrator and designer working under the freelance identity of Mooke Creative, based in Manchester. Since my school days I have always known I wanted a career in the creative industry. During high school I was heavily influenced by Manga and anime, which formed the starting blocks for me to work towards illustration over fine art.

Following through my time at college, I continued with illustration taking inspiration from graphic novels and moving away from Manga as well as studying photography and product design until it was time for my next stage of my education.

I moved to Manchester to study Illustration with Animation at Manchester Metropolitan University and it was during my time here that I started to work freelance.

I have always been attracted to technology, so it only seemed right to connect my work with the ever-changing tech of the time. My illustration process all takes place on the computer, from sketch to color using Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Cintiq 21UX.

I would say my drawing style is a mixture of traditional illustration techniques mixed with fine art painting styles, which work nicely together using a tablet.

Light painting is a technique I picked up during university after seeing the Talk Talk adverts created by Michael Bosanko. I have used this technique to mix my illustration and photography to create a new way of working for myself, keeping the illustrations very simple, which is a nice contrast to my more realistic work.

When it comes to design based work, I prefer to work with a ‘less is more’ kind of attitude. I try to aim my work towards promotion and advertising. I have worked for a number of promotions companies, DJ’s and businesses, but would love to branch into other areas.

DJ MissB: Luke Moody Design

Inspiration for me has been taken from many artists, designers and photographers over the years, such as Hokusai, Frank Miller, Oliver Kugler and James Wakefield. 2012 is the year I am making a big push to promote myself in the creative industry in the North West. By meeting new clients and making new friends along the way, I aim to learn new techniques to add them to my arsenal.

Looking to the future I aspire to work with a wider range of clients across the UK and further afield. Working freelance is completed within my spare time, so I am looking to reach a stage in my career where I am able to work creatively full-time whether freelance or within a design company.

You can view more of my work on my website at and you can follow me at Mooke Creative on Facebook and@Mookecreative on Twitter.”

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