Featuring Bolton Artist Sarah Crowther

Sarah Crowther creates intricate and often spherical artworks inspired by the patterns found in nature; her latest obsession is microgeology. Currently exhibiting at The Art Lounge in New Mills having had her work selected for this open exhibition, she will also be exhibiting at The Turnpike in Leigh later this year (dates to be confirmed). Sarah has also agreed to exhibit in Chorley Library from the 18th to the 30th June where there will be activities for children to do to help them engage with the work.

“I practically live in my studio at the moment.  Each piece takes hours to create and is truly a labour of love.  I enjoy the vibrant colours of the inks and, as I use a dip pen, the way the colours mix on the page.  I’m currently researching micro geology to inspire my work and it is providing a wealth of patterns – the more detailed the better.  But I also love folk art – there aren’t enough hours in the day.”

Sarah graduated from Brighton University with a Master of Arts and successes have included selling a limited edition book which featured individual screen prints of lace up underwear to The Tate Library collection.

Check out Sarah Crowther’s Work and blog, follow on Facebook and @SCrowtherArtist on Twitter.

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