Featuring Graphic Designer Rebecca Clark!

At Business Boom we’re lucky enough to regularly come across up-and-coming creatives from Colleges and Universities throughout the North West. Our next feature involves University of Salford student, graphic designer and all-round creative enthusiast Rebecca Clark. Having undertaken various placements at well-established companies including London’s Vogue Magazine, it’s clear that Rebecca is well and truly on her way to a bright future in the design industry. 

“I’m Bex. I’m currently coming to the end of a fantastic three years of studying BA(Hons) Graphic Design at Salford University, which has taught me so much and prepared me to start spreading my wings from June! I am a big colour lover (especially yellow), and an even bigger fan of cheese.

I love print design because of its tactility- creating physical items to hold and keep. I also enjoy designing for web and have a growing interest in branding. I’m really inspired by sites such as the Behance network, as there are so many admirable projects on there, you can’t beat a good Behance browse!

Although sometimes, I think the best inspiration comes from your surroundings. I find it surprising how small, insignificant things can inspire big ideas, and I think that’s the greatest thing about being a designer, having the ability to make something out of nothing. Being busy makes me happy and I’m a keen believer in working hard until the job is done. (And then rewarding yourself after of course.)

At the start of my third year, I was lucky enough to undertake a three-week internship at Vogue Magazine in London, which was a fantastic opportunity, and a chance to experience the real life magazine World. It was a real eye opener and I really got to understand the process of creating a magazine. I hadn’t realised until then how many considerations had to be made, and I have a huge appreciation for magazines now. My most enjoyable placement so far has been a month long placement at Detail Creative, I was able to work on real life briefs, and I learnt so much from the great guys there. It really got me excited about graduating and getting into the industry.

Over the three years of my course, I have noticed myself becoming more and more of a perfectionist for precision. It’s definitely not spread to my desk yet-but there’s still hope! The idea of precision has influenced my idea for my current final major project, which I am very excited to be exhibiting at the Salford University end of year show in June.”

See more of Bex’s work on her website at http://www.bexclark.co.uk/. You can also follow her on Twitter @BexClark0, Tumblr and Linkedin.

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