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As wedding season approaches, those of you planning for your big day should take particular note of our next talented creative to feature on Business Boom. Kate Lewis is an expert in making your wedding unique and full of style and glamour, making everything from invitations, RSVP cards, table plans, place cards, table numbers and menus to favour tags, guest books and thank you cards. 

Kate Lewis specialises in wedding stationary design and has a love for all things glitter, hating anything that’s dull. She describes that: “I have always loved ‘making things’ even as a child I was always “creating” at the kitchen table with pots of paints, tubs of glue and all sorts of glitter, paper and anything sparkly! To be honest not much has changed; other than I’ve graduated from an overflowing kitchen table to my design studio! (And unfortunately I’ve grown out of my much loved red apron!)”

Her love of ‘making things’ is really how Kate Lewis Design started, having made numerous wedding invitations for friends and family over the years, and after doing her own wedding stationery in 2009. She finally realized that maybe I could do something more than dream about it! Her background is mainly within the fashion industry but the commercial world of ‘fashion’ is less about design and more about money ☹ so the opportunity to start doing something she loved was too good to resist!

Kate Lewis Design and Wedding Stationary; Wedding Stationery is my first love and I always feel very honored to be involved in every couple’s big day! Kate Lewis Design Wedding Stationery is a little bit different to the ‘usual’ out there; my style can be described as vintage, pretty, sketchy and fun. A lot of people would describe my style as ‘sparkly’! As I love to add the ‘sparkliest’ glitter or Swarovski crystals whenever I can! With my fashion background my sewing machine is never too far away and I love to create unique pieces such as my Appliqué Cake range – which is my all time best seller!

I design and make all types of wedding stationery including: save the dates, wedding invitations, evening invitations, RSVP cards, order of service, table plan, place cards, table numbers, menus, favour tags, guest books and thank you cards. I also try and accommodate all my bride & grooms requests and have made all sorts of one offs such as sweetie wrappers, wine bottle stickers and even printed personalized candles to name but a few! I also offer a bespoke design service, giving the opportunity to have a design which is completely unique to each couple! I’ve recently expanded into greeting cards, which looks to be growing into a successful venture already! Very exciting times!

My greeting card designs started when friends & family started asking me to make my wedding designs into birthday cards or mothers day cards, and then to adapt them to make Christmas cards. My range has now grown to include birthday cards (for boys and girls – of all ages!), new home cards, on your wedding day cards, new baby cards, and special events such as mothers day cards, fathers day cards, valentines day and of course Christmas cards!

What’s your inspiration? My parents thoroughly inspire me – they both work really hard and I think that has certainly influenced a big part of who I am. My husband is also a huge inspiration to me – he writes music and loves it so much, his enthusiasm is catching!

I’m also influenced and inspired by; friends, family, every day events, new fabrics or sparkly things. I’m very lucky to have the most amazing family and friends who all inspire me in their own little ways. Colours and combinations of colours usually spark off my initial ideas. I also love everyday things – the birds outside my studio window inspired the lovebirds design for example! I have quite a ‘visual’ way of thinking; so I can see a new design in my head instantly which can come from a description of something, a colour combination or just a great picture. Ideas pop into my head all the time so I scribble my sketches down on anything any everything before I forget them! I have been known to wake up in the middle of the night, run into my studio and start sketching new ideas on the back of an invoice – oops!

What are your plans for 2012? Well where to start…..I have so many ideas that I want to implement – just not enough hours in the day to get them all done!! There is a lot in the pipeline for 2012! Without giving too much away firstly I’m working on many new ideas for my Wedding Stationery which I hope I will be able to implement by the summer. I have lots of new products and I’ll also be expanding on my best selling designs. And secondly I’ll be expanding my greeting card ranges and trying to get them out to lots of gorgeous shops across the country!

Find Kate Lewis on her Website both for Wedding and Greeting Cards.

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