Showcasing Joanne Pennington of ‘Pengat Clothing’

Here we share the work of Joanne Pennington, an illustrator/ designer and founder of Pengat Clothing. Originally from Bolton, she has since gone on to spread her wings and now resides in the big smoke of London. It’s great to share the accomplishments of people who haven’t let anything hold them back to make a success of their work. Here’s more from Joanne and some of her inspiring portfolio:

“I’ve always been interested in art, throughout primary, secondary, sixth form, uni and in my own time I’ve always drawn and painted. I studied Book Arts & Design for my degree, but specialised in illustration and printmaking, which is how I got where I am today with selling my designs on t-shirts. I’d say my work differs a lot now to what it did during my degree, as there I concentrated on human traits and disorders, where as now I am mainly drawing hybrid animals, dark creatures, birds and skulls. I would however say that I have always been inspired by the same macabre, which comes out mainly in the style of my drawings and prints even if not in the subject matter. I’m also inspired by tattoo design, and was doing a few for friends before I started to go more into t-shirts.

Looking back I have always had the animal hybrid theme waiting in the back of my mind…maybe it was down do the mass amounts of Sylvanian Families as a child. The name Pengat came about after doing some volunteer work in South Africa with Penguins, then coming back to notice the similarities in my very strange black and white cat…so I started to draw them merged together, like you do. Luckily the name also resembled my surname Pennington.

I worked in a clothes shop for a while after my degree, which is what inspired me to put my designs onto t-shirts. I did a few trials at home which went down well, and then decided to go ahead and get them screenprinted to sell. Going to Greenwich market (London) was my first step and I’ve now been working on the online side to it all. I’m also currently doing a couple of commission illustrations, one for a band in London, which I’m really enjoying as I get to draw them all with animal heads!

My life in London is very different to that in Bolton. I love Bolton, and still return to see family and friends often, but London is where I studied and is where I am used to working now. I feel busy here even when sat at home. It’s so much bigger in London so you can’t really compare the two, but Bolton is more relaxed, and is a cheaper night out!”

Follow Joanne on her Website Pengat, on Facebook, Twitter @JoPengat and Tumblr.

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