Freelance Commercial Photographer Dave O’Keefe

Here we turn our pages over to another succesful photographer; Dave O’Keefe. Following graduation in Film & Photography from Manchester Metropolitan University, and the success of his photographic essay ‘The Last Scoundrel’ Dave turned his photographic passion into his living, establishing himself as a freelance photographer. Starting as a sports and events photographer before starting commercial work along with tutoring at a photography school based in Manchester.

“I see my role as a simple one regarding clients, they have put their trust in me, something which I am always grateful for. So it is my job to ensure that I present their product or business in a way that is going to appeal to their customers.”

This often involves finding new ways of looking at things that are considered fairly mundane. This is the most challenging and enjoyable aspect of photography. The need to ensure that the product remains the focus of the photograph rather than any post production trickery means that discipline is required to avoid being carried away with outlandish ideas that misrepresent in any way what he’s featuring. If the finished photograph bears no resemblance to what the client produces then the photo simply doesn’t work.

Dave constantly strives to build relationships with not only his clients but graphic and fashion designers,and website developers. This cooperation allows the delivery of high quality images and campaigns at an affordable level for even the most modest of enterprise. The need for better quality images for websites in particular is something that small businesses are starting to become more aware of, in many cases their site might be the only contact they have with customers it is very important therefore that it makes an immediate impact and works well for them.

“Every day we are bombarded with images of every kind most are forgotten almost immediately. I think the role of the photographer is to challenge people to dwell and consider their images if only for a moment longer than they otherwise would of done.”

Dave O’Keef can also be found on Twitter @daveokeefePhoto and Facebook.

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