20 Creative Minds to be Following on Pintrest

This afternoon we wanted to jump aboard and share with you twenty of the most popular and influencial people on one of the most growing sites on the web – Pinterest. Here, we list who you should all be following to kick start your interactions and love of this great website!

Business Boom Bolton

Jared Thompson

Jade Boylan

Store Envy


Strange Case Collective

Daniel Newman

Claire Kearns

Dezeen Magazine

Design Milk

Chris Reimer

Brian McDaniel

Caitlin Cawley

Mike McDowell

Jonathan Lo

Theresa L

Jane Wang

Matt Schroeter

Thomas Murphy

Chad Syme

Need more inspiration?

7 Responses to “20 Creative Minds to be Following on Pintrest”
  1. Kelly Murphy says:

    Great list! Just did some following!

  2. Vaishu Deepa says:

    That’s a cool Roundup, you forget to mention mine ! esp our “Amazing photography collection ” has many followers, where we share interesting photos !
    Link: http://pinterest.com/animhut/ ❤ Hope you enjoy my pins

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