Exclusive Interview with Fashion Designer Nadine Merabi

This morning, we’re delighted to bring you an exclusive interview with Manchester-based fashion designer Nadine Merabi. Having recently appeared at London Fashion Week (and set to feature in Manchester’s coming event), Nadine is now making a strong influence on the fashion world, with her bespoke dresses gaining national press on red carpets and at celebrity events. Enjoy! 

So, who is Nadine Merabi and where did your first love of fashion come from?

I’m a bubbly, outgoing, fun-loving girl! I’ve always had a huge interest in fashion. I love looking at different clothes and wanted to always look different and stand out from the crowd. I decided to start trying to make my own unique designs and got such good feedback that my collections came about!

What designs in your latest collection are you most happy with?

My favourite pieces are the pieces that make you feel special. I love the floaty Grecian looks with my signature backless style in grey and purple. They are draped to flatter and have diamonte choker necklace collars. They’re the pieces I would wear the most!

What were your first fashion inspirations? Are your inspirations driven by fashion designers as individuals or the ethics and feel of a particular brand?

My first fashion inspiration comes from the material itself. I love different fabrics and textures and am always inspired by bright and rich, luxurious fabrics. My collections are driven by lifestyle. I was working in events before I turned my hand to fashion so I design for a glamorous and decadent evening lifestyle!

We see you were part of london fashion week this year, What kind of experience was that for you and do you have any further shows coming up this year your planning for?

It was an amazing experience to be involved in London Fashion Week. It was a real eye opener as I never imagined it to be as hectic as that! It was my first collection for my Nadine Merabi label and it was a steep learning curve. I’ll be doing LFW again in September but before then I will be involved in Manchester Fashion Week. MFW approached me and I was thrilled to take part. I love Manchester and it’s important to me to still be a part of my community and do my bit for my local roots.

You’ve dressed celebrities including Michelle Collins, Brooke Vincent and Chelsee Healey to name but a few, how do you find working with such big names?

It doesn’t really faze me as I don’t actually watch much TV. What’s important to me is how the dress looks on the individual, whoever they are! It has been great to have celebrity support and we’ve established some great friendships but I still treat all my clients the same.

Do you have plans to collaborate and work with other brands and designers?

Not yet – but then you never know what I might be doing in the future! Right now I’m focused on establishing my own brand and my identity.

What kind of presence do you have in Manchester and the North West? We see you’ve recently launched your Manchester boutique?

Everyone in Manchester has been really supportive and I’ve had a great response – much better than I ever thought! People do know that I’m a fashion designer and take interest in me and my brands. It’s great that my new store in Manchester is bringing in people who are new to the brand. It’s drumming up interest but there is still a long way to go!

What other designers and brands both locally and nationally do you like that are in the industry at the moment?

I’m inspired by brands like Victoria Beckham and Stella McCartney. What they have achieved is amazing because they are staying on top even with the additional pressure of their fame!

What would your advice be to upcoming designers and students studying fashion, what are the outlets they should be monitoring to keep ahead of trends and styles in the industry?

Something I’ve learnt in my time designing is do your research! Don’t rush into it and don’t push yourself too hard. You need to have a bit of down time to see your strengths. I worked non-stop for 6 months and didn’t have a life at all! In the end it didn’t help me because I was always tired and stuck in a rut. I realised then how important it is to keep fresh ideas flowing. If you ever get designers block, put everything down and do something random like llama trekking or abseiling!

It’s good to follow trends but make sure to keep your own individuality. Don’t follow trends if you don’t like it! It’s important to have a perspective on what’s hot or not and to always stay true to yourself.

Thanks Nadine, congratulations on your success so far and all the best for the future! Courtesy of Katch PR.

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  1. Beautiful designs, I love the paperbag waist skirt with lace top!

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