Review of Paris Fashion Week Part 2 by Jessica Simm!

Article following on from yesterdays post: Review of Paris Fashion Week Part 1

Monday afternoon saw Chloe take centre stage with a fresh and slightly lighter collection from the ones we’ve seen so far. It was extremely feminine with mostly loose and slouchy fits, lots of lace and mainly quite muted, pastel colours. Although I loved the collection I did feel that the majority of the silhouettes would only look amazing on figures similar to those of the models displaying them, and not the everyday woman whom they are aimed at.

YSL saw Katy Perry, Salma Hayek and Rosario Dawson take front row seats. There was lots of tailoring and almost every outfit was pulled in at the waist with a tight leather belt. There were sharp, structured shoulders, lots of leather collars on tailored jackets and high-waist trousers grazing the ankle. Most pieces were black with just a couple of white ensembles making their way down the runway. A great final collection, which Stefano Pilati received a standing ovation for, as well for his services to the industry.

The penultimate day saw some amazing performances starting with Chanel; the French fashion house created a “cold, winter crystallized fortress” for the setting of their show. Lagerfeld certainly went all out for his autumn/ winter 2012 creations, the detailing was incredible, each and every model even had embellished eyebrows. Layering was key, with coats over jumpers over skirts over trousers. The shapes were unique with some amazing blouses but my favourite aspect of all was the shoulder detailing on some of the garments. The heavily embellished shoulder dress was a personal favourite as well as the feathered shoulder coats. Yet again another successful collection from Lagerfeld at Chanel.

Next up was Valentino. The show started with lots of black leather before going towards a much lighter tone with some beautiful white pieces. The collection was extremely elegant yet feminine and proved in many of the garments that it’s the finer details that count with some amazing embroidery, scalloped edges and stunning embellishment. The show ended with a number of fabulous floor length gowns, which I guarantee will be hitting them red carpets sometime in the near future – by far one of the best shows of the week.

Saving the best for last, the final day of shows saw Louis Vuitton provide proof that the French really do put on an awesome show. I really did not think they could top last season’s carousel but down sat the audience and the clock struck 10 on Wednesday March 7th 2012. Steam crept into the room slowly followed by a steam train, yes that’s right, a real life steam train, which on the side read ‘Louis Vuitton’ in large gold letters; there it was, Marc Jacobs managed the unimaginable and topped his own show from last season. The train stopped as it reached the end of the catwalk and off stepped the models one by one each accompanied by a porter carrying their Louis Vuitton luggage of course. Although the setting screamed Victorian, the clothes were most definitely for the modern-day working woman with patchwork, lots of embellishment, applique, velvet and fitted cashmere jackets and coats. Louis Vuitton’s best show yet a definite sell out.

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