Paula Tasker Launches New Business ‘Wardrobe Wonders’

We bring you news today of a new creative business launched by Manchester fashion designer Paula Tasker. Functioning along side her freelance design work, the new venture  is a personal wardrobe styling and/or organising service which is custom built to suit the client! Services include:

– Coming armed with styling tips to revive a tired wardrobe. “Many women wear the same items over and over and other pieces get over looked because they don’t know how to wear them, they bought on impulse and later regretted or they just don’t suit. Rather than live with the same outfits I help them rework their favourite pieces into new looks without having to buy more clothes. I also offer suggestions of how to junk/sell unwanted and old items and alteration ideas to make struggling items work better.”

– Rehanging and rearranging cluttered wardrobes to create order out of chaos. “I suggest options for junking old or unwanted items and can combine this with the styling service. I can also provide or suggest tools to use which will ease the storage of clothes and accessories, for example clear shoe boxes which allow you to store and access your shoes easily without digging through piles or opening boxes and alternative hangers can be used to allow for more hanging space and keep clothes in better shape.”

– Holding a styling party for 4-5 people. “Get together with your friends for an evening of wardrobe styling fun. I suggest items to bring from your wardrobe and we work through styling problems, many women have similar issues with their wardrobe and it’s fun to explore together.”

All these services can help women’s wardrobes work harder for them without having to go out and buy a whole new one and all at a similar cost to a new outfit! You can get in touch with Paula via her blog at and Twitter @Paula_Tasker.

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  1. Now following Paula on Twitter. 🙂

    • Nice to see so many new people connecting through all the people we feature and converse with on a daily basis through twitter and the other social networks!

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