I Have a Bad Feeling About This: Filmmakers on a Mission!

Today we are sharing with you the campaign to fund local film project ‘I have a bad feeling about this!‘ from Alan Donohoe and the team at Bad Feeling Film. The guys are looking to raise $16,000 over 30 days (19 days left) to fund their film and as of now, they only have a trailer but are keen to go into full production!

Below is the trailer of the film so far as well as the full pitch for you to donate to help them achieve their goal!

I Have a Bad Feeling About This

“I Have a Bad Feeling About This” is a quirky, upbeat, buddy-comedy/Sci-Fi adventure. The story follows the exploits of Andy and Sam, two Star Wars-obsessed slackers in their early twenties, living in the suburbs of Liverpool. Sam is soon to be leaving Andy to go to university, but before they part ways for good, Andy and Sam must embark on a journey to the furthest reaches of town, to try and find a pair of tickets to a one-off showing of the original Star Wars trilogy. Along the way they meet dodgy ticket touts, angry yoga instructors, deranged thieves, clueless police, the suburban mafia and a dangerous Lightsaber-wielding madman.

In the tradition of “Spaced” and “Clerks” and with a dollop of “The Inbetweeners” for good measure, “I Have a Bad Feeling About This” is a feel-good tale about friends, not wanting to grow up and realising that sometimes… you don’t really have to. This would be a film that hasn’t been attempted in this part of the world before. Spoken with an unheard voice and taken from a fresh perspective.

How your Donation helps

The guys are asking for $16000 (£10000) to make a micro budget feature to promote through contacts I’ve made at Hurricane Films and get the film screened at as many events and festivals as possible. By choosing the fixed 30 day option for their campaign in order to complete the film and fulfill our perks, we would need at least $16000.

They hope to have everything for the film shot by September 2012, and have the film completed and ready to find a distributor by the end of Summer 2013. Meeting our target and complete the film it would change my life and that of the entire crew. Getting the opportunity to make a micro budget feature is a privilege very few people get in their lives.

“We are young, resilient and determined filmmakers. We would brush ourselves off and start again. For us there is no other option in our lives. This is our passion.

I want to make a film because I love film, I want to prove to the world that this can be done and I want to give myself, my friends and fellow collaborators a fighting chance in an extremely difficult industry, and above all, I want to make a British movie that isn’t just doom and gloom. I want to make something that makes people smile.”

-Alan Donohoe Bad Feeling Film

Donate today to the Bad Feeling Film project, and if they don’t reach their goal, everyone gets their money back.

Keep up to date at Badfeelingfilm.com and @badfeelingfilm on Twitter.

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  1. I’ve made a donation! Hope they make their target. Wishing them the very best of luck. The short is very funny! 🙂

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