Digital Illustrator and Concept Artist Stephanie Dominguez!

This afternoon, it’s a pleasure to feature illustrator and digital artist Stephanie Dominguez. On browsing through various images, taking note of the brilliant use of colour and the lovable quirky characters, it’s clear that Stephanie has a huge talent and passion for her work. 

Since graduating from UCLAN (preston) in 2010, Stephanie describes herself as a ‘jack of all trades’. She enjoys to work in various media and has two contrasting portfolios of work. Stephanie is an illustrative talent whose work she describes as “cute, funny, sweet and cartoony”. Focusing on picture books, digital illustration and concept art, she works largely in Photoshop, but also holds onto her skills as an artist in the use of pencil and sketchbooks whenever initiating different projects.

Originally from Switzerland, Stephanie moved to the UK to complete her degree at UCLAN and since graduating, has made her mark in the world of illustration. After dabbling in design work for children’s books, she has also looked further into concept art; this being her first love, it was the thing that initially sparked her passion for design . Growing up she loved watching cartoons and Disney movies, but not only did she enjoy the entertainment, it was the curiosity of how they were made which lead to her career choice.

Currently still keeping herself busy through an online course with the ‘Vancouver animation school’, she’s learning how to improve her skills to create work for the film, gaming and television industries. Her long term goals are to venture out and work in Canada, preferably withing an animation/tv studio. Like many illustrators and animators, she would love to work for big names all around the world such as Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks or Aardman. These are the people who first inspired her work and mentions that any collaboration would be fantastic, “even if it is just for one project, just because they inspire me so much with how much love they put into their creations, so who knows…. the only limits is the one you put on yourself.”

Follow Stephanie Dominguez’s work online, email at:, Facebook and @SD_Illustration on Twitter. You can also keep up to date with her inspirations of work and artists through her blog Illustrators-drawer.

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3 Responses to “Digital Illustrator and Concept Artist Stephanie Dominguez!”
  1. Oh my! I love the illustrations of the bedroom with little ted peeping from under the bed covers. It’s so adorable! And what a great talent! Stephanie is set to go far. 🙂

    • It’s such a playful way to illustrate and I think her work is brilliantly suited to a more playful child based audience. I would have loved to see her work as a kid.

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