Wedding Photographers Emilie and John: Dotmoxee Photography

Today we share with you the work of Emilie Fanara and John Paul Brown who both not only hold their won BA Hons in Photography, but are based in Ramsbottom, Lancashire. They offer a range of personal commissioned photography from Weddings, Engagements & Portraiture throughout Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

“Our ethos on wedding photography is that it has to capture the couple as they are, their love and personalities which is quite a personal thing, we feel. We are both avid fans of documentary photography, so it was important to bring a realness to our imagery. We tend to frame everything very carefully, often mingling between guests, hiding under tables and peeking around corners to capture the atmosphere and small interactions between people.”

Dotmoxee thinks that a couple should enjoy the day, and not be posing for photographs throughout the day. The highlights for them are meeting each new wedding couple and then seeing the final work published. After only their first year of work they had images feature in Vogue Italia.

“Our engagement and portrait sessions are also still in keeping with our style. We shoot on location, usually taking them to an arranged location. We’ll ask the couple about themselves beforehand, work out what they enjoy, how they met and where they spend time together. This then distinguishes where we meet up.”

Contact Domoxee via Email:, Facebook and @dotmoxee on Twitter.

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2 Responses to “Wedding Photographers Emilie and John: Dotmoxee Photography”
  1. Funny, but before I even read this piece, I thought the photography would look very much at home in Vogue magazine. How fabulous to find they’ve been featured already in Vogue Italia. Stunning photography! 🙂

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