Bespoke Jewellery by Selina Campbell!

Today we’re delighted to feature Selina Campbell, a Manchester-based Jeweller and Silversmith. Using precious metals, Selina creates some wonderful bespoke designs with a skill and intricacy that you don’t find around every corner. Here’s more from Selina and an exhibition of some of her hand-made jewellery:

“I aspire to capture the beauty of flora and fauna, developed as three dimensional forms exploring aspects of nature. I am greatly inspired by the spontaneous layered structures and growing patterns displayed in nature. I construct single floral components of which are arranged to produce intriguing contemporary forms. My designs are intended to evoke an appreciation of the pure aesthetic. The observer can decide the objects use, decorative or functional. I am fascinated by objects that have definite function from jewellery to tableware.

The materials I use are precious metals, mainly sterling silver and precious stones. Whether I combine both materials together or alone is dependent upon the design I am producing. In order to create the best outcome, it is highly important to me to carefully consider the materials I intend to use. The materials used in my creations are an integral part of each object, depending on the individual design. All my pieces are designed and created by myself, creating unique characteristic in owning one of my pieces. This aspect means a great deal to me, it’s like creating a different piece each time.


I hand make the majority of my designs, using techniques such as soldering, piercing, hand finishing and polishing. I try to keep the natural white appearance of silver, contrasted against the polished outline edges on each piece. This focuses the eye towards to liner shapes and three dimensional forms created, to seem delicate and distinct.
I use traditional soldering techniques to assemble all my objects. I enjoy building each piece to create something unique and new. As all of the objects are constructed by myself and leading to never being exactly the same each time, creating natural spontaneous growing pattern.
I initially created each individual component by hand, but once the designs were developed I decided to cast each individually producing stronger component as this helped bring strength to the centre. I clean up each component to form jewellery and decorative vessels, the vessels are constructed over ceramic moulds to create the curved bowl appearance.”

Selina is happy to discuss opportunities for galleries and exhibitions to show and sell her work, and for commercial and individual commissions. You can follow Selina on her website at, her blog, Facebook at and on Twitter @SilverSelina.

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