Urban Photography by Manchester Creative Claire Atkinson

Claire Atkinson

This afternoon’s post showcases the work of a North West photographer Claire Atkinson. Born in Manchester in 1988, Claire specialises in urban photography and strives to capture those thought-provoking shots that show the essence and character of the city:

I developed an interest in imagery as a 16 year old while working in a supermarket, taking photographs to make lasting memories of rare days off. Shortly after, I discovered the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson and began documenting the streets of Northern England while learning to use a darkroom. It’s safe to say I never looked back. Since then I have completed a degree in Photography and now work as an artist/photographer in Manchester!

“Quite often, street photography pays attention to extraordinary occurrences within a city. In contrast to the unusual and sometimes fantastical, Claire Atkinson manages to capture the more realistic, everyday perspective of the daily life of Manchester.

Atkinson’s ever-changing ‘Manc’ characters and backdrops show Manchester for its true self. The delightful personalities to be found on public transport, the caffeine-addicts through steamy café windows and the rushing feet of business along rainy pavements. We are not only given a taste of Manchester, but a rushing, blurry, reflection of Britain as a grumpy, ageing, multicultural nation.” Article Magazine

Follow Claire on Twitter @ClaireAtkinson8 and on her blog at http://claireatkinson.net/blog/.

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