Photography by Janet Broughton!

Today’s feature involves a Bolton-based creative with a huge passion for photography. Janet Broughton is now a full-time freelance photographer working in the North West area and after having browsed through her portfolio, it’s clear that Janet has the skill to match the drive. Here’s more from the lady herself: 

“I wish could say, like so many other photographers do, that I have had a life-long love of photography but the truth is I’m a relative latecomer! I discovered photography just over four years ago in my early forties when I bought a compact and started to take pictures of anything that caught my eye whilst I was out and about; I have to say that once you discover photography you really do see the world through new eyes! It didn’t take long to progress from the compact to a DSLR and to also realise that I needed to find a way to progress from simply photographing whatever I saw and it was at this point that I enrolled with the Open College of the Arts and decided to study for a BA (Honours) in photography. The OCA’s courses are by distance learning and wonderfully flexible so I have been able to work around whatever other commitments I have. It didn’t take long for me to discover a real passion for photographing people and I found my studies moving towards Documentary and Portraiture.

I still enjoy photographing the things I see around me but as I’ve grown as a photographer, I’ve started to see different things and also to see the same things differently. I now indulge in more candid “street” type of photography and also like to capture things more creatively. I’ve recently rediscovered my love of my Lensbaby after buying a soft focus optic, which was used in this Blackpool picture (inspired by the work of Susan Burnstine, an extremely talented and creative photographer).

Late last year I decided to launch my business and have been dedicating myself to it on a full-time basis. I specialise in portraits and weddings and work with natural light wherever possible. I’m not a clock-watcher and don’t rush my portrait sessions, which I think is important especially with children; I’m happy to spend whatever time is necessary for them to get used to me being around and this results in a relaxed and enjoyable session.

The skills gained in my documentary studies really come in useful here, it’s all about being observant and capturing a certain moment or fleeting expression and its generally the more candid images that really reflect someones personality.

I’ve got a couple of exciting additions to my business planned for the next few months, the first will be the addition of newborn photography to my portrait services. I’ll be launching this on 1st April and will have a really exciting offer for the first bookings which I’ll be announcing shortly on Facebook and Twitter. The other addition is the development of a second website as an outlet for the sale of my fine art and creative images.”

You can follow Janet on her website at, on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter @JBroughtonPhoto

5 Responses to “Photography by Janet Broughton!”
  1. Wow! I find Janet’s photography quite moving! I especially love the images of the children who all look incredibly natural. The candid shots are great too.

    I’m now Janet’s newest follower on Twitter et all! 🙂

  2. Awesome Photography, I hope one day I will be just as good. Thanks.

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